At Little All-Stars, we understand the importance of looking after your young child.


We offer full day care services, and ECCE.  Wehave a dedicated rooms with expert staff to ensure the security and safety of your child is paramount, whilst providing them with a place of enjoyment and happiness during their early years.


Our Room leaders are experts in the care of young children who are dedicated and professional in the care of your child.


Your child will be more than prepared for their transition to National School thanks to our  curriculum. Our knowledgeable professionals will develop your child's early literacy and numeracy skills using the greatest early childhood education practices. They'll also appreciate theater, singing, dance, and arts & crafts.


Youngsters become more coordinated, pick up challenging games, and start interacting with their peers more. In order to promote learning one step at a time, our preschool classroom environment introduces language, math, science, and social skills in a logical, natural sequence. Also, our pre-school staff gives each kid lots of one-on-one time to meet their specific requirements.


Staff members design activities that incorporate both learning and pleasure to make sure that every day is fantastic for your child. Our curriculum is arranged according to themes, starting with subjects that kids are most comfortable with. Our teachers cover more challenging subjects as the kids gain knowledge and self-assurance.


Your preschooler'schilds  day should will include group activities so that they can develop their social skills. Your child is invited by our practitioners to show interest, listen, share, cooperate, take turns, and offer and receive feedback. These social development abilities help your child succeed in the school and display new knowledge while having fun!



In theatrical play, music, and art, children demonstrate their prodigious creativity. Creativity helps kids become more independent and imaginative while also boosting their confidence.


Youngsters learn to run, jump, toss, and kick as they develop their big motor abilities. They also work on the coordination necessary for cutting, writing, and other tasks.


The aforementioned activities make sure that a child's physical, emotional, social, linguistic, and intellectual needs are satisfied, promoting each child's holistic development. This will help when a child transitions from toddlerhood to childhood.