At Little All-Stars, we understand the importance of looking after your young child.


We have a dedicated room with expert staff to ensure the security and safety of your child is paramount, whilst providing them with a place of enjoyment and happiness during their early years.


Our Room leaders are experts in the care of young children who are dedicated and professional in the care of your child.


We can provide your infant with a ton of individualized care thanks to our spacious and light baby day care rooms. With peaceful sleeping quarters, separate areas for changing nappies , easy access to the outdoors,  and freshly prepared, nutrient-dense meals, you can be sure you're providing the best for your child. We keep thorough daily records for each child so you can keep tabs on their schedule and track their development as we expose them to a wide variety of play and sensory input.


As soon as your child can walk, they start to actively investigate their surroundings.

Children's balance and gross motor abilities are developed through major movement exercises, as well as through all forms of art, water and messy play, dressing up, garden time, tumble tots, singing, dancing, and early language activities.


The baby room is created to support your baby's developing requirements. Our knowledgeable, skilled, and professional employees, as well as a well-equipped workplace, help us do this.

For the babies to thrive, we have created a nurturing and imaginative setting. Our team will collaborate with you to make sure that you and your child adjust to your new surroundings without any difficulty.